Feasibility Study for Aviation/Jet Fuel Pipeline From Kaskaskia Regional Port District’s River Terminal in Fayetteville, St. Clair County, Illinois to Scott Air Force Base/Mid-America Airport, Mascoutah, St. Clair County, Illinois November 2, 2023

The Kaskaskia Regional Port District (KRPD) is seeking qualified firms to prepare a feasibility study for an aviation/jet fuel pipeline to move/transport aviation/jet fuel from KRPD’s river terminal located on the Kaskaskia River, Fayetteville, Illinois to Scott Air Force Base and Mid-America Airport, Mascoutah, Illinois.  Included in the study would be the construction and installation of a transload facility at Fayetteville, Illinois that would allow for aviation/jet fuel loadout from barge to pipeline as well as barge to truck, and all pipeline infrastructure, easements, right-of-way, and all holding facilities at termination point(s).

Firms interested in the project should respond with their qualifications to conduct such a study that will include expertise in corridor analysis with an emphasis on digital data layers, military relationships, engineers with aviation/jet fuel pipeline expertise, robust GIS support, environmental and cultural assessment analysts with NEPA experience, real estate/ land rights expertise with right-of-way and easement experience, cost and economic analysts including fuel forecasters, river transport expertise with specialty in flammable liquid transport by water and other staff that would contribute significantly to the study team
Respondents should limit its submittal to 12 single sided pages not counting a cover sheet or any appendix.  A respondent should provide, at a minimum, within said 12 pages the following:  a detailed description of the methodology the respondent would propose for the project; respondent’s experience in conducting similar studies including projects involving joint military and civilian coordination and relationships (a minimum of three (3) examples of similar studies should be supplied); respondent’s typical approach to projects similar to this one, including methods the respondent proposes to manage the project; the general qualifications of respondent and its multi-disciplinary nature of the team proposed for the project; a listing of key personnel that would be available to work on the project and their respective roles;.  Resumes of a respondent’s key personnel are to be included as an attachment.  The resumes should highlight the relevant experience to the tasks for the project.

Please respond with the above information, in triplicate, to the Kaskaskia Regional Port District, ATTN: Ed Weilbacher, 336 N. Main Street, Illinois 62278 by close of business at 4:30 pm CST on December 4, 2023.  If additional information is needed, contact Ed Weilbacher, General Manager, KRPD (618) 282-3807 or

KRPD will evaluate all submittals to determine which respondents have the experience and qualifications that are most suited for this project.  KRPD may request personal interviews with the highest-ranked respondents or may request one or more prospective respondents to submit additional information or detailed proposals.  KRPD reserves the right to reject any and all submittals and will not be responsible for any costs associated with the preparation of any submittal.