The Kaskaskia Regional Port District owns several facilites and partners with operators and leasees to facilitate development and to operate the facilities.  Southern Illinois Transfer Co. (SITCO)  is the tow company that supports the shipment of product on both the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers for KRPD.  In addition, SITCO operates the docks at KRPD 1 and at KRPD 2 Baldwin, IL.  They also serve the Kellogg Dock on the Mississippi River.  KRPD also leases land and shoring rights along the Kaskaskia River.
Companies wishing to locate on the river should contact the office as soon as possible so that we can better understand your needs and timetable and insure the best deal around for all parties.

KRPD 1, KRPD 2 are conected to rail served by Canadian National, Kellogg is connected by rail served by Union Pacific.